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Developing fundraising

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October 4th, 10:30 CET, Webinar on parish engagement


Webinar on Fundraising with parishes

How to find a common goal with the parishes in fundraising? How to create activities and collect funds that benefit both national and local Caritas communities?

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November 28 th 10.30-12.30 CET

About us

Financial stability through sharing and learning

Behind this webinar is a consortium of five members from Caritas Finland, Caritas Estonia, Caritas Luxembourg, Caritas Portugal, SCIAF – Caritas Scotland. Our consortium is funded by Caritas Europa’s Advancing Caritas Through Solidarity -tool. Our project covers years 2024-2025 and we are developing fundraising. Our project is called ‘Financial stability through sharing and learning’. The contact person for the project is Laura Koskelainen from Caritas Finland

Whereas some of the consortium members will get to share and learn their knowledge whilst developing their operations further, the other consortium members will get to learn and develop fundraising strategies with the support of their more experienced colleagues.

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