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Life skills development in Baguio City

The project helps adolescents of Cordilleran indigenous groups in Baguio City to learn life skills. The goal is to reduce risky behavior, teenage pregnancies and substance abuse by strengthening their self-esteem and life skills. Indigenous adolescents living in highly urbanized city like Baguio face varied challenges in life that relates to physical, emotional and social aspect of their growth and development. On top of these life challenges is their need to clarify their ethnicity. Their vulnerability to early sex, early pregnancy, use of nicotine, alcohol and prohibited drugs like any other adolescent are increasing. As such, there is also the increased rate of being out from school, lack of basic life skills, vagrancy, theft and lack of cultural identity and appreciation.


The project supports the adolescents to achieve stronger self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making, as well as improved communication skills. This will empower them with the skills and courage needed in challenging situations and to become responsible and contributing members of the community.

The implementing organization BCYA has been working for three decades with the local youth. Baguio City is a city with a population of 350,000, in the island of Luzon. The training sessions and peer support activities are led by peer educators, who themselves are teens, as well as adult teacher mentors. The project will also be supported by the parents and the local community leaders. The project will be implemented during April, May and June 2019.   

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