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Ruokaturvaa ja toimeentuloa naisille Turkanassa


Support the construction of the kitchen and dining hall of St. Augustine primary school:

Donate online through this link

Danske Bank FI73 8000 1270 1545 04, ref 2312

MobilePay: 95959 

ref: Kenya

Caritas Finland supports the construction of the kitchen and dining hall of St. Augustine boys’ boarding primary school in Lodwar Town, Turkana (Kenya) . The school provides access to quality education to boys aged 7-14. The boarding school allows them full concentration in school and not be distracted by the pressure of herding cattle for the family, a very common fate for many kids of that age in the area. And most of all, the boys will be shielded from the effects of armed conflicts during cattle rustling.

The kitchen and dining hall will provide fresh, wholesome, nutritious and well-balanced meals for all students in an orderly and decent environment. Presently food is prepared in a makeshift building (see picture above). Nowadays the students eat outside or in their classroom. The construction of a kitchen and dining hall will solve the dual problems of staff working in an unsafe environment and children eating in an unhygienic setting. The project is carried out by local Caritas Lodwar.

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