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Advocacy work

In Finland Caritas works with social issues. Our office is open daily for people with questions related to social security, health care, employment etc. We also support parishes in their charitative work.

Direct financial assistance is available to a degree, but mainly in cooperation with other agents. Low income families may receive subsidization for summer camps, and immigrant groups can be assisted in the organization of their own events.

Once a month the Caritas office hosts a Friendship Café, where people of all ages and backgrounds may come together. In the Friendship Café various issues can be addressed, and excursions are also on the agenda.

Caritas is also involved as a partner in DUUNI, which is a project that aims to encourage the employment of young parents by identifying the parenting skills that may be useful in working life.

Caritas is currently running two projects in communication and global education:

1.    A project concentrating on the social responsibilities of the business world, in cooperation with the Helsinki Deaconess Institute, Filantropia and Filoksenia.

2.      Caritas´ very own Young voices for a better world –project.

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