Keskiviikko 10.4. klo 16.30

Caritaksen vuosikokous Henrikin kirkon seurakuntasalissa

Sunnuntai 14.4. klo 10.30-14.30

Palmusunnuntain basaari Henrikin kirkon seurakuntasalissa


Keskiviikkona 17.4. klo 15-17

Ystävyyden kahvila Caritaksen toimistolla 

Summer Camp Collection

Caritas subsidises the payment of summer camp fees for those children whose participation would otherwise be impossible. By participating in the camp support collection, you can help more children and young people to get a great summer experience!


Collection permit: RA/2017/766 (2017-2019)

Danske Bank FI73 8000 1270 1545 04

Viite 2325

MobilePay: 95959



Suomen Caritas

Kuusitie 6

00270 Helsinki


+358 400 911 874

Email: caritas@caritas.fi

Office Hours: Mon–Fri 10-15.

You are also welcome to make an appointment outside these hours. Welcome!

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