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Autumn greetings from Caritas Finland!

The organization's autumn season has started. At the office, Friendship cafe meets once a month and we distribute waste food every other week. Caritas's My Equal Life project has two exhibitions on display during the end of the year. We are thinking about new projects that would start at the beginning of next year. We are planning an Advent collection that will start at the end of November, and we are waiting for the Christmas Bazaar.

My equal life photo exhibition travels around the country

Caritas's My Equal Life exhibition brings glimpses of Bangladeshi everyday life. The exhibition includes 18 photographs of the Bangladeshi photographer GMB Akash and the stories related to them.

The pictures on display in the exhibition bring out the everyday life of ordinary Bangladeshis. Akash portrays people on the margins of society in an appreciative manner and gives them the opportunity to make their voices heard.

"I am a storyteller. I don't just take pictures, I want to tell the story behind the picture," says photographer GMB Akash.

The exhibition is on display:

• Kuopio 4-15 October 2022, Kuopio main library

• Jyväskylä 18.10.-4.11.2022, Jyväskylä Main Library

• Tampere 3.1.-21.1.2023, Tampere main library Metso

The exhibition is connected to Caritas's My Equal Life project, which also includes educational material and a social media campaign. Read more about the exhibition at

Caritas' board was completed in the spring

Caritas Finland's annual meeting was on April 26, 2022. Mariam Dano, Francesco Ferrari and Pekka Palokangas were elected to replace those who resigned from the board. In addition to them, the board includes the chairman of the board, Bishop Teemu Sippo SCJ, the vice-chairman is Elie El-Khouri and the treasurer Meisa Dano, Gloria Lapitan, father Ryszard Mis SCJ, Katia Orellana and Osmo Vartiainen. The board has actively participated in the planning and development of Caritas' operations.

Laura Silver started as a development cooperation expert

At the beginning of August, a new development cooperation expert, Laura Silver, started at Caritas. He succeeds Riikka Aartola, who changed jobs in the summer. Laura's duties include Caritas' development cooperation projects.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs funding for new projects - Climate change and migrants' rights in focus

Two Caritas development cooperation projects have been granted funding by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The projects are implemented in cooperation with partners in Nepal and Bangladesh.

In Nepal, the focus is on climate change and its effects on small farming communities. The project brings farmers together to create climate-friendly, local solutions to meet the challenges caused by climate change. The project's target group is the most disadvantaged small farmers in the Nawalpur region.

The project starting in Bangladesh promotes the rights of migrant workers. The lack of information about their rights, the presence of unauthorized recruitment agents, poverty and violence against women make women particularly vulnerable to exploitation, forced labor and human trafficking. The project gives women and girls information and communities the skills to defend their rights.

The projects in Kenya and Myanmar, which started in 2021, will end in 2023. In Kenya, the food security of more than 500 women has improved and their financial independence has increased. Women have received training in e.g. about beekeeping and basket making. In addition, women have formed groups through which they receive small loans to start a business. Concerned about the challenging situation in Myanmar, the project has installed a greenhouse, 20 water filters for schools and educated communities about sustainable development.

You can support Caritas' development cooperation projects with a one-time donation or start donating every month. Read more about the different options at

Events at the Caritas office at Kuusitie 6, 00270 Helsinki

Friendship cafe at the Caritas office one Wednesday per month,, from 15:00 to 17:00. The cafe will be held in the autumn season on 12.10., 9.11. and 14 December 2022. On coffee shop days, the Caritas store is open until 6 p.m. Welcome!

Vastuuviikko - Responsibility week cafe at the Caritas office on Tuesday 25 October. from 3 to 5 p.m. The speaker is Sarah Tiainen, coordinator of the Finnish Ecumenical Council. Welcome to chat while enjoying coffee or tea and some snacks! Read more at

Waste food distribution at the Caritas office every other Monday from 3 to 4 p.m. The Autumn food distribution days are 17.10., 31.10., 14.11., 28.11. and 12 December 2022.

The November market, or Christmas bazaar, on Sunday 20.11. from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Saint Henrik’s parish hall at Pyhān Henrikin aukio 1 A. We will organize a lottery in the bazaar. You can bring donations for the raffle to the Caritas office Mon-Fri from 10 am to 3 pm, before 11.11. Lottery prizes must be unused. Thank you!

Donate to domestic work - help us help!

We need donations for domestic work. Thank you to everyone who donated money for summer camp fees! In the autumn season, we collect money so that we can give food gift cards to the needy. The economical difficulties for families have been increasing, which means that the need for support increases. With your support, we can help!

You can donate either on our website, directly to the account or via MobilePay.

On our website, you can find a donation page at -> select an item -> Domestic work

Donations directly to the account:

Recipient: Suomen Caritas ry

Account number: FI73 8000 1270 1545 04

Reference: 2325 (domestic social work)

MobilePay: 95959 (message: kotimaa)

Collection permit: RA/2022/218

Become a monthly donor!

Do you want to make sure that our helping work continues without interruption and that you don't have to regularly remember to make bank transfers? With the monthly donation, the desired amount will be automatically withdrawn from your account. Fill out the form found on our website at, and we will help you become a monthly donor.

You can choose either domestic work or development cooperation. Even a small regular donation makes a big difference!

Remember you can get discounts in the Caritas store, for those who have paid their membership fee.

By paying your membership fee, you make our aid activities possible! This year, those who have paid their membership fee will also receive a 10 percent discount on our monastery products and in the second-hand clothing store. You can shop for monastery products at our office Mon-Fri from 10 am to 3 pm (Kuusitie 6, Helsinki) and in our online store ( For our members under the age of 25, paying the membership fee is voluntary.

The Caritas membership fee is mailed in April. For those who have not paid their membership fee, we will send a payment request in the next few days. In our invoicing system, membership fees paid before April, have been registered for the previous year. We apologize if you have received a reminder, even though you have already paid your membership fee for this year. In a separate message, we will also send a data verification request. It would be great if you could complete your information, if necessary, so that we can contact you in the best way.

Colorful autumn days and light to everyday life!

Greetings from Larissa, Adriana, Laura K and Laura S from Caritas Finland's office.

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