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My internship at Caritas Finland

Hi everybody! My name’s David and I am a 20-year-old student from France. I have been working for Caritas Finland for more than 1 month and a half now so I will tell you what I do in this organization and how my life is going in Finland as a foreigner.

My role in this office is to help concerning the communication and the marketing field of this organization. As you already know, Caritas owns a shop which help them to finance other activities, so I am focused on helping to develop the visibility of this shop. With the help of Sara and Adriana, I did some changes on the layout of the physical store for example. Its permits to facilitate the accessibility of this shop for the clients. Concerning the online shop, I was able to upload some new articles such as some of the ceramics from Nicaragua that we can see on the web shop. I also take part in the food distribution which takes place twice a month on Mondays and I find it very satisfying to help people in need.

It was easy to fit in the organization because I really knew what my role in the office was from the beginning. There is also a very good atmosphere in the association which facilitate the work I must do.

Concerning my life in Finland as a foreigner, I think I adapted well to this new environment. The only surprise was the weather which were really different from France! (I have been told that I was lucky to come in April and not in winter, so I will not complain). During my stay, I had the opportunity to visit some beautiful places such as Suomenlina and Helsingin tuomiokirkko. At first, I was a bit scared of getting lost in the city, but public transport is also easy to access.

Working in Caritas is a great opportunity for me because it is the first time that I work in the humanitarian sector, and I find this very interesting and rewarding. In fact, we know that everything we do here is to help someone which makes the job easier to do.

I will really keep very good memories of my time spent in Finland and especially in Caritas Finland !

Thanks for reading.

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