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Summer greetings from Caritas

We are grateful for your membership! We sent the membership fee form in March, thank you for paying it. We also apologize for the wrong year that slipped into the bill. However, your payment was registered for this year. If your membership fee is still unpaid, you will receive a reminder invoice from us.

Would you also have the opportunity to donate to Caritas? Long-term donating is possible when you make a monthly donation agreement in your online bank. We'll be happy to help you do that. Our monthly donation targets are General support, Domestic social work, Development cooperation, and Support for Ukraine. Even a small regularly donated amount brings hope to people in the weakest position!

Summer vacation has already started - you still have time to donate Summer camp support, Leirituki! Caritas Finland supports children and young people with camp fees. Camp support offers children and young people a camp experience. With your support, the campers will have a variety to spend their vacation. Camp support gives families financial relief. In the summer, the need for support is greatest. For example, children participating in Ursuline children's camps and young people participating in confirmation camps receive camp support.

You can donate camp support through our website at or by paying directly to our bank account.

Danske Bank FI73 8000 1270 1545 04

Reference 2325 (Social work in Finland)

Collection permit RA/2022/218


Do you plan your future far ahead?

Please remember that Caritas Finland is one possible destination for a donation in a will. With the funds bequeathed to Caritas Finland, it is possible to support people in the weakest position. You can direct your will to organization work, and if you wish, you can emphasize domestic work, development cooperation, or children and young people.

Did you know that when you make a will to an organization, the amount of inheritance tax paid on your wealth is reduced? Inheritance tax does not need to be paid on bequeathed assets. We will be happy to help you and/or your lawyer if necessary.



Caritas' fundraising is developing

Caritas Finland is involved in two programs supported and financed by Caritas Europa that started in the spring. In the Advancing Caritas Through Solidarity (ACTS) program, Caritas Finland coordinates a team from five countries that develop the fundraising of each member organization. The team includes the Caritas organizations of Luxembourg, Portugal, Scotland and Estonia. The project aims for sustainable and developing fundraising.

Participants get to learn from each other and share information about good practices with other fundraisers in webinars. Last April, the team members were guests in Helsinki. In the workshop, we got to know the current situation of fundraising in each country, discussed good interactions with the donors, and reviewed SCIAF's fundraising strategy.

Another support is the educational program Fundraising learning path organized by Caritas Europa, which supports the fundraising capabilities of the participating countries, where a fundraising strategy is completed and new funding sources are found.

The renewal of the donation pages of Caritas Finland's website is progressing. In the background is Caritas' communications and fundraising expert Laura Koskelainen's reform that was part of her Professional Fundraiser studies. The websites of Lenten collection and Camp support collection had already been implemented in the reform. It's worth checking out the development of the donation pages on our website.

You can send feedback about the website and Caritas' fundraising to

The My Equal Life project is nearing its end

Caritas Finland has had a project focused on inequality and its reduction since 2021. Now the second funding period is coming to an end: the entire project will end at the end of 2024. There is still a photo exhibition near Turku at the Rusko Library from September 3 - 27, 2024. Welcome to see Bangladeshi photographer GMB Akash's touching photos and read related stories. You can find pictures and learning materials related to the project on the project's website at

There is no plan for the project to continue, as the government has decided to stop the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' funding for Communication and Global Education during this election period.

In brief

Personnel changes at the Caritas office

The office has had new people in the spring season. Kata Juujärvi, who works in the Caritas store and office duties from March to the end of June, has gained momentum in the marketing of the store and sewing service. Development cooperation officer Laura Silver started working for another employer at the beginning of June. Her successor, Katri van Wensen, will start at the beginning of August. In June, university intern got to know and developed the construction of the organization's new strategy as well as the statistics of projects and fundraising. Thank you all for your important contribution!

  • Caritas' food distribution has been put on hold for the summer. The next food distribution is on September 2, 2024, at 3:00 p.m.

  • Bring your textiles to Caritas' sewing service! If you go through your clothes in the summer and find clothes that need to be repaired or renewed, bring them to the Sewing Service! Our seamstress Silvana accepts new sewing jobs until the end of June and again from the beginning of August. In the Caritas sewing service, you can order repair sewing and custom work. By repairing or fashioning an old garment, you help reduce textile waste. With the proceeds of the service, you support Caritas Finland's operations. If you are unsure whether a piece of clothing should be repaired or fashioned, come and show it to us. The seamstress tells you what can be done and gives a price estimate for the repair. Please contact us and arrange a visit in advance:, subject of the message "sewing service".

  • The Caritas office and shop are closed from 29 June to 5 August. Welcome to be our customer again on Tuesday 6 August 2024 at 10 o'clock! Please note that our social worker Hannele will not return to work from her vacation until September 2, 2024.

Larissa and the staff at the Caritas office hope for a warm and relaxing summer!

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