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Duuni-project for young parents

DUUNI -parenting skills to the use of worklife is a national project which aims to enhance the young parent's worklife skills and the competence of professionals who with young parents. Duuni's target group are 16-29 year old young parents who are in risk of missing work or studying possibilities, in danger to drop out from labour market and further education. The project aims to recognize and utilize parenting skills and to take them into action in regard of employment and future education (such as job interview and application letters).   


Apart from the group it is possible to get individual guiding through this project.


More information and participations:  

Adriana Saarialho

Puh. 0400911874


"DUUNI/at work" is a three-year-old project funded by the European union. It is being implemented in collaboration with Turku University of applied sciences, Lahti University of applied sciences, University of Lapland, NGO Kirjan talo and NGO LiikU.

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