Caritas office is closed from June 22nd to August 2nd

We open again on August 3rd.

Café con leche on-line - Caritas online café in Spanish on August 7th at 12-13


Bienvenidos a platicar e intercambiar ideas en un ambiente cordial! Para participar, nos puedes enviar tu dirección de correo electrónico a y te mandaremos el link.


Welcome to our on-line Spanish Café! Register by sending an email to and we will send you instructions for participation. Also suitable for beginners in Spanish language as we can use English or Finnish if needed.

Friendship Café on August 12th at 3-5 pm

Welcome to have some snacks and to chat in a friendly atmosphere to Caritas Office, Kuusitie 6, Helsinki. 

Annual General Meeting is postponed to August 25th at 5 pm

The Annual General Meeting will be held in St Mary's Church's parish hall (Mäntytie 2, Helsinki). 


Suomen Caritas

Kuusitie 6

00270 Helsinki


+358 400 911 874


Office Hours: Mon–Fri 10-15.

You are also welcome to make an appointment outside these hours. Welcome!

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