Advocacy work

Caritas Finland is part of the global Caritas network which aims at contributing justice, peace and equity all around the world. We are members of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa. In Finland Caritas is a co-organization at the Finnish Ecumenical Council and a member of both Fingo and European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN-FIN). The last of whom we are members is The Finnish Blue Ribbon. Caritas takes regularly a stand for appeals together with other organizations.

The European Caritas organizations published a report in March 2018 on social exclusion and poverty of the youth in 17 European countries. The report also gives recommendations to decision-makers. As part of this report, Caritas Finland has composed a country report that focuses specifically on the challenges faced by youth with immigrant background. You can read the country report here.


Caritas Finland has also contributed to Caritas Europa's Social Economy Handbook


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