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YoungCaritas Forum for young volunteers on the way

Active volunteer Giovanni Canarecci has enjoyed volunteering with Caritas Finland and YoungCaritas for many years. He is an Italian immigrant living in Finland.

“Last year I was given the opportunity to connect with amazing people from across Europe, each bringing their unique energy to Young Caritas task force”, says Canarecci.

The task force is comprised of six volunteers from Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. Alongside the YoungCaritas Europa and Caritas Internationalis, they have been planning a Forum for young volunteers in Caritas. The forum will take place in Athens, Greece, at the end of August 2024.

The purpose of the Forum is to provide volunteers with the tools and motivation necessary to return to their local communities and create significant changes and new volunteering opportunities, based on local needs and the inspiration drawn from the Forum.

“Since our initial meeting in last September, our team has forged bonds that have proven resilient, strong and fun! Despite our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we have seamlessly come together as a team, each member contributing with their own unique strengths. From electric enthusiasm to in-depth analysis, from experience to hard work, from inventiveness to synthesis, every individual plays a vital role in our shared mission”, says Canarecci.

He continues that while much of their work has been conducted remotely, recently they had the opportunity to meet in person in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for a working weekend.

“Fueled by local cuisine, we hammered out the Forum's program and worked on some technical issues. The weekend was intense, but the results were worth it”, says Canarecci.

If you're curious about what we have prepared for the Forum, there is one way to find out: join us in Athens and experience it for yourself! Together, we will grow as volunteers and bring positive change to our communities.

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