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Caritas Newsletter September 2020

Caritas is celebrating its 60th anniversary

There is a cause for celebration this fall. The Katrina Association, founded in 1927, changed its name to the Caritas Association in Helsinki in 1960. The name change took effect on October 22nd and exactly 60 years later we are celebrating the anniversary with the seminar Caritas - Striving towards an inclusive society. We welcome our members and friends to the celebratory seminar!

We warmly thank those who participated in our emergency relief fundraiser for the victims pf the Beirut blasts. Proceeds from the collection have been donated to Caritas Lebanon, which provided victims with first aid, health care, medicine and psychological support, distributed food, water and hygiene items, and helped clear homes, hospitals and other facilities to make them useful again. Helping hundreds of thousands of homeless people continues. Regular donations make our relief work possible. You can become a Caritas monthly donor for even a small amount here. Wishing you a happy autumn, Larissa Franz-Koivisto Secretary General

Caritas – Striving towards an inclusive society

The seminar will be organized in NewCo hall (Ensi Linja 1, Helsinki) on October 22nd at 8.30-12. The seminar program is both in English and in Finnish and the Finnish presentations will be translated to English. The seminar will be live streamed so you can also attend on-line. Please register by sending an email to by October 15th and stating if you will attend the seminar on site or on-line.


8.30-9.00 coffee

9.00-9.20 Bishop emeritus Teemu Sippo, President of the Board of Caritas Finland: Welcoming remarks (in Finnish)

9.20-10.00 Peter Kariuki, Ministry of Justice: Promoting Good Relations in an Inclusive Society (in Finnish)

10.00-10.40 Maria Krabbe Hammershoy, Secretary General of Caritas Denmark: Reducing inequalities in the Nordics

10.50-11.30 Maria Nyman, Secretary General of Caritas Europa: Fostering access to services to support people to move out of poverty

11.30-12.00 Elie El-Khouri, Vice President of the Board of Caritas Finland: Striving towards an inclusive society (in Finnish)

We kindly ask you to direct any anniversary donations directly to Caritas’ bank account Danske Bank FI73 8000 1270 1545 04 using reference number 2477.

Support for abandoned children in Java

Caritas Finland supports Tresno Ing Siwi (also known as Penghibur) children home in Java, Indonesia. The children home is located in Kelet, Central Java. Starting from autumn 2020, the children home will be run by the local Catholic diocese. At the moment, 18 children and youth live in the children home.

The children home was founded 1984 by a Finnish nurse Anna-Liisa Jaanu-Ismudjito and her husband Suprapto in order to offer a home to children who had suffered from leper and who were abandoned by the society and even their own families. Since then the children home has accommodated orphans, abandoned and disabled children and other children and young people in vulnerable situations. 

The self-subsistence of the children home has been developed throughout the years in many ways. The children home has a garden with ducks, hen, and goats, which also brings joy to the children, who participate in tending the plants and the animals. Caritas Finland supports the maintenance and activities at the children home as well as the children’s tuition fees.

You can support the children's home by donating to Caritas's account Danske Bank FI73 8000 1270 1545 04 (reference 2312) or by becoming a monthly donor:

Nicaraguan ceramics auction in support of Caritas

Caritas Finland and the Embassy of Nicaragua will hold an auction of Nicaraguan ceramics in the NewCo Hall (Ensi linja 1, Helsinki) on Thursday November 5th at 16-18. The items sold are made by potters from the Nicaraguan village of San Juan de Oriente. The village is known as the artistic center of Nicaragua, where generations of potters produce unique objects. Proceeds from the auction will be directed to the potters and to support Caritas' relief operations. Register by sending email to by 2.11. Small snacks and drinks are available at the event. 

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